Screens 3 Deal! Remotely control computers and screen share with this Mac VNC

Need fast and secure access to other Macs and PCs from your Mac? If you need to run apps on remote computers, send and receive content from those computers, or provide remote troubleshooting assistance, then a virtual node controller (VNC) app is a necessity. We've got one of the best on the market -- Screens 3 -- on sale for just $12.99 for a limited time.

Screens 3 is fast and reliable, and the app makes connecting to other macOS, Windows or Linux computers a breeze. 

  • Remotely access your other computers on your Mac
  • Set up an action that triggers each time you disconnect (e.g. Log Out Your User, etc.)
  • Protect your data by connecting via an SSH tunnel 
  • Get one-time guest access to someone else’s Mac without logging in
  • Customize a toolbar w/ important shortcuts
  • Connect to multiple displays at once
  • Send & receive content using Screens’ clipboard functionality
  • Enjoy multi-touch features you use on your Mac trackpad

Screens 3 normally sells for $29.99, but you can get it for just $12.99 from the Apple World Today Deals Shop for a limited time.