Learn Adobe Lightroom like a pro with this Pro Photo Editing Bundle

Digital photography takes place not only in the field or studio with your camera, but in the digital darkroom as well. Today's Apple World Today deal gives you 5 courses in 13 lectures and 71 lessons that quickly teach you how to use Adobe Lightroom to improve your photography -- all for just $19.99. The Professional Photo Editing Bundle online courses from Houghton Photo provide the knowledge to take your digital photography to the next level.

The bundle uses real photographs taken by the instructor in and around Dublin, Ireland as examples to teach the techniques that can make you a pro. You'll gain valuable hands-on experience in editing night photos, creating an HDR merge, shooting and combining light trail images and fix verticals, explore color grading and the tone curve, create professional-looking monochrome images from color originals, and turn nigh photos into magazine-quality masterpieces.

The original price of all five courses was $165, but you get an 88% discount through the Apple World Today Deals Shop. This deal is available only for a short time, so get it now.