Where Cards Fall: New game trailer from Snowman & The Game Band

Last August, Snowman (the game house behind the mega-hit Alto's Adventure) and The Game Band teased us with a trailer for a new game called Where Cards Fall. The game was first teased in an email in March of 2016, and the only word we got was that Where Cards Fall would be shipping in 2017. Today, a new trailer arrived, showing some of the actual game play:

We now know that the debut of the new game will be "Fall 2017", but the exciting news is the list of platforms that are supported. For Apple fans, you'll be thrilled to know that the game will be available for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Oh, and there will be a PC version if you swing that way...

Below, you'll find excerpts from an interview about Where Cards Fall:

This trailer takes place in a brand new location. How do the two connect, and what’s their significance to the overall story?

Our characters live and attend school in the suburbs, the new setting featured in this trailer. Sometimes, they leave the confines of their neighborhoods to stroll through the nearby woods, which we portrayed in the first trailer. 

The majestic woods are a natural destination for teenagers looking to escape their rigid routines. They contrast with the more principled suburbs, which gain personality from their residents. While the teenagers struggle to discover who they are, their day-to-day lives in the suburbs blend into a concoction of tension and euphoria.

Players visit both of these environments relatively early in the game, but the story of Where Cards Fall takes place over many years. All suburban teenagers eventually face a difficult question: would you rather remain comfortably at home, or venture into the world outside? 

You’ve said before that the game involves building and collapsing houses of cards. In this trailer, we also see life happening inside of a house. Can we expect to see more of that? How do interiors and houses connect to each other?

The houses of cards can be explored inside and out! You wander within them to meet new characters and unearth hidden secrets. When traversing the environment, you’ll take advantage of their physical structure. Most of our puzzles ask players to resize and combine houses in interesting ways, affecting their interiors and exteriors alike.

You’ve been pretty secretive about the gameplay so far. This trailer seems quite cinematic, like the first. Are we seeing real interactions here, and what more can you share about how the game will play?

This trailer highlights the fundamental aspects of our core play experience. You’ll traverse a seamlessly connected world by building houses of cards. The houses of cards re-contextualize the space around you, and reveal new interior spaces to explore. Every puzzle is part of an overarching story that unfolds as you build the stages for scenes to take place.

You’ve announced that you’re coming to iOS, Apple TV, Mac and PC. How does Where Cards Fall plan to target both mobile and desktop/console gamers at once?

Where Cards Fall’s puzzles can be approached in bite-sized chunks when played on the go, and the continuous world makes for a elegant play experience at home. We’ve spent a ton of time designing different control schemes to take advantage of each respective platform’s unique affordances. We always love features that make our mechanics feel even more tactile. We’re really excited about our intuitive gamepad controls, as well as recent iPhone additions like 3D Touch and the Taptic Engine.