Apple is Fortune's 2017 World's Most Admired Company



Every year, Fortune puts together a survey of corporate reputations called The World's Most Admired Companies. This year, Apple leads the list as one of the "Top 10 All-Stars", considered the most admired corporation in the world.

The complete list can be found here. Apple was followed this year by some very familiar names:

1. Apple
2. Amazon
3. Starbucks
4. Berkshire Hathaway
5. Walt Disney
6. Alphabet (Google)
7. General Electric
8. Southwest Airlines
*9. Facebook  
*9. Microsoft

(Facebook and Microsoft tied for 9th place)

One of the big losers since 2016 is Samsung Electronics, which fell from the top 50 from last year due to the issues with the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and the way the company handled that problem.