Apple should make its own Mac speakers again

Not only do I want Apple to get back into the external computer display business, I want the company to make its own speakers for the Mac again. My suggestion: an updated version of the Apple Pro speakers (pictured), which Apple created along with Harman Kardon.

The “orb” speakers (circa 2012 if memory serves me correctly) looked great sitting next to a Mac. They connected to the Mac via a single cable that provided 20 watts of sound (10 watts/channel) to the speakers with a frequency range of 70 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Apple could either offer a wired version (which would use the power your Mac and require no power supply) or a wireless version (which would, of course, need its own power supply) of the 2017 Apple Pro speakers.

I doubt the tech giant will do this, but I can always hope. If it doesn’t, at least perhaps the company will beef up the speakers in the next gen iMac (and a next gen Thunderbolt Display).