I want a Magic Trackpad for the Mac with Apple Pencil support

I expect the Touch Bar on certain models of the 2016 MacBook Pro is just the beginning of ways Apple will offer touch input on Macs without actually have touch screens on laptops or desktops. I expect to see a Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar for iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac minis when (“if,” in some cases) the desktops are updated.

I’d also love to see a Magic Trackpad 2 with Apple Pencil support. In July 2016, Apple was granted a patent (number 9,400,570) for a “stylus with inertial sensor” with images (shown) showing the Apple Pencil working with a Mac.

What’s more, per the patent, the Apple Pencil may also be operated as a as a joystick, a rotational controller, or other input devices in addition to serving as a touch sensor input device. For example, on-screen content may be rotated, tilted, or otherwise manipulated using rotational controller and joystick input from the inertial sensor.

Who knows? We might just see an Apple Pencil 2 with Mac support this year.