A look at several Case-Mate, Silk cases for the iPhone X

By Laura Darnell

I recently had the opportunity to try out several iPhone X cases from Case-Mate and Silk. There are simply too many to critique in detail, but here are my impressions.

The Casemate Opal purse case- great for when I’m going out and wearing a dress without pockets. Not so great for talking on the phone. Awkward to talk while holding a clutch to your head and cumbersome to hold while texting. Holds phone and cards securely.

The Karate Mother of Pearl ($50) securely holds the iPhone X in place. And it’s durable. I dropped my phone with no damage, but the case is super hard to remove.

Casemate big.jpeg

The temperature changing Casemate Mood ($50) is a little silly, but holds the iPhone X well. Alas, none of these cases allowed me to use an induction charger.

The Silk Pureview ($15) with its “diamond” skin is one of my favorites. It’s design is great and it doesn’t hide all of the iPhone X’s beauty. It’s probably not as secure as some bigger cases, but it’s easy to put on and take off.

The Silk Folio Wallet is a great combination of wallet and case. I especially liked the wrist feature. It holds up to three cards plus cash, which is handy.

The $50 The Case-Mate Tough ID (pictured) has an embedded wallet panel crafted from genuine leather, and has slots that can hold up to two cards. The ID case is equipped with a full shock absorbing layer for extra protection. This is my favorite of all the cases I tested. I’m so bad about losing stuff, but this lets me keep my license and one card right with my phone. Cards are clearly visible to other people, but I’m not paranoid about stuff like that.