Deal! Make the season bright with these Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cables


Accessories that are both fun and practical are always worth keeping around, and that's the case with these Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cables from Little Create. They come in three different styles ranging from the regular black cable at $9.99, the white cable at $11.99, and the extra snazzy V2 Blue (seen above) at $12.99. 

Each of the cables is 2.6 feet in length, giving you plenty of glowing cable between your iPhone or iPad and the charger or computer. That glow "flows", and depending on the current being used to charge your iOS device, it flows faster!

These cables are also perfect for finding a charging iOS device in the dark room. Did I say practical and fun? Yep! Get 'em while they last in the Apple World Today Deals Shop.