Ten things I want to see from Apple in 2018

Overall, 2017 has been a great year for Apple. But here’s some things I’d love to see in 2018:

Wish List.jpeg
  • I like the News and Clips apps on iOS devices, but I also want them on my Mac. The latter app could replace PhotoBooth
  • The option of equipping Mac laptops with LTE, as you can do with the iPad. In 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs rejected the idea of LTE-equipped laptops because it would add complexity to the device and lock customers in to a particular carrier. Neither argument applies today since, for example, antennas have grown ever smaller.
  • The ability to hook up an iPad Pro up to a Mac to use it as a Cintiq-like device.
  • A MacBook Pro with the option of 32GB of RAM (the limit now is 16GB).
  • A “non-Pro” iMac available in space grey and with the T2 chip.
  • A Magic Keyboard with backlighting and a built-in Touch Bar. Or an iMac with a Touch-Bar built into the bottom of the display (if this happens, I still want my backlit Magic Keyboard).
  • A standalone Apple display (which Apple has said is coming, but hasn’t said when).
  • ProMotion support for the iMac and MacBook Pros. ProMotion is Apple's marketing term for an upgraded display featuring a maximum 120Hz refresh rate. 
  • Face ID on the iPad and Mac — at least as an option (it could be very pricey).