AWT TV Episode 32: December 19, 2017

Welcome to AWT TV, a weekly show featuring Steve Sande, Dennis Sellers and Marty Edwards of Apple World Today. Each week we'll discuss what's happened in the world of Apple, talk about new apps and accessories, maybe even have a demonstration or two of the latest software.

It's the last AWT TV Show of 2017, with Steve and Marty discussing what was naughty this year and what was nice. Rather than give you a teaser about what we chatted about, we suggest just watching the show.

Steve does give a short intro to AirTable, a free (for personal use) relational database application for web, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. It's powerful enough that there are big companies using it, but easy enough for anybody to learn and master.

Our next show -- Episode 33 -- will be on January 2, 2017. See you then. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year's!

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