Check out our deals on JS Innovations wireless iPhone charging docks

The iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all have a feature that brings an extra level of convenience to charging -- they're Qi-compatible, which means that they can use any Qi charger for wireless charging. Just lay your iPhone onto the charger and it is quickly charged up, all without needing a cable. We have some great deals on wireless iPhone charging docks from JS Innovations, starting with the popular Tilt Dock for $52.50


The Tilt Dock has a rotating design so that you can charge your iPhone in a flat position or have it propped up for easy use while it's charging. All of the JS wireless charging docks use a 3-coil design to quickly charge your iPhone without needing to have perfect alignment on the dock.

You can also get the JS Innovations Bamboo Dock for $39 (just $90.99). This beautiful dock is crafted with quality bamboo and can charge two Qi-compatible devices at the same time. It's ultra light and thin, and the wood brings a touch of class to any environment. 


If you'd like to have the convenience of wirelessly charging other phones that aren't Qi-compatible, you can also get the Tilt Dock or Bamboo Dock with an adapter (see image below) included. This thin adapter fits in a case behind your iPhone, and has an angled Lightning connector on the bottom that fits into your phone's Lightning port. Once the adapter is installed, charging any Lightning-based iPhone or iPad becomes as easy as placing it onto your JS Innovations Tilt Dock or Bamboo Dock.


In the near future, most Apple mobile products will charge wirelessly. Get a jump on the future and save money at the same time with this deal on the JS Wireless iPhone Charging Docks!