Always-on voice and an 'iServe' would be a great combo

Months ago Google released a Chrome extension that enables always-on voice search from a desktop. When is open, just say "Ok Google" and then your search term. This always-on voice search is in the right direction for what we should expect from our computing devices. 

This is something an Apple home/small officer server — which I call the "iServe" — would be useful for implementing throughout a home or office. Imagine a range of iServe appliances, all based on the Mac mini form factor, that provide services throughout homes such as always-on With microphones distributed throughout a home, it would be easy and useful to have this capability.

iServe big.jpeg

Apparently, Apple has at least investigating the idea of an iHome-like device. The company has filed for a parent (number 20130097286) with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for pairing a media server and a media client. The patent (see the graphic) involves a system for use in presenting media content that includes a media server configured to provide media content and a media client configured to obtain the media content from the media server and to present the media content on a device.

So who knows. I may eventually get my iServe — and always-on voice, along with it.