iPhone X arriving in stores around the world

At 8 a.m. local time today, the iPhone X went on sale around the world. AppleInsider says that it’s learned that stores typically have well over 300 units on hand to sell, and in some cases, nearly a thousand.

iPhone X.jpeg

The iPhone X comes in 64GB and 256GB models with pricing starting at $999. It’s expected to sell in huge quantities. Preliminary data from IHS Markit (ihsmarkit.com) shows that, in third quarter of 2017, Apple grew its smartphone shipments by 2.6% year-over-year, as the company is beginning to see the impact of iPhone 8 and the lead-in to the availability of iPhone 

The tech giant reported a 2.6% growth in unit shipments for the quarter, shipping 46.7 million units in quarter three of 2017 compared to 45.5 million units in the year-ago quarter. Apple was able to reverse its recent performance in China and grow overall revenue in this market 12% year-over-year. In Japan, revenues declined 11% year-over-year. The Americas region reported 14% growth, Europe 20% and the rest of Asia 5%.