From Android to iOS - Bluetooth Nightmare?


On day two of my iPhone X ownership, I hopped on my Harley and headed out to run some errands. I paired my iPhone X up with the Boom Audio Bluetooth speakers on my Heritage and loaded up an Amazon Music playlist. Everything appeared to be working great. When I was leaving my 1st stop, I started the music again, but instead of coming out of my Bluetooth speakers, the music was playing from the phone. I forgot the speakers in settings and re-paired. All was well again. Next stop, same thing. I decided to revisit this issue later. I didn't think I had bigger issues.

Monday, I paired up my SOL Republic Shadow Bluetooth headset and headed out for a walk during lunch. The sound was great, everything was fine. The only issue I had was a notification sound after every song. I'm not sure if this is normal, but it didn't happen with my Pixel XL. When I went to use them again later in the day, they were still paired and the music played just fine again.

Monday evening, I jumped in my car to go home. I normally listen to podcasts on my 45 minute commute so having Bluetooth in my 2015 Toyota Camry is awesome. I paired the iPhone X to my Camry and everything seemed to go fine except for a message on my car's display. This message said something about having to change a setting on the phone to allow access to contacts, etc. I went into settings and enabled everything. I was able to listen over my car's speakers for the entire ride home. I received two phone calls during my commute. I could see the call on my car's display, but couldn't answer the calls and when I answered manually on the iPhone X, the audio was on the phone only. Frustrating. I decided to check this out more when I had more time.

I went out Monday evening at about 9 PM to pick my son up from a basketball game and had 15-20 minutes to wait in the parking lot. I tried re-pairing to see if I could get things to work right. I got the music playing again. I had a friend text and call me. Same issues. The calls weren't going to the car's speakers and I wasn't getting notifications on my car's screen when text messages came in like I did with my other phones. My son hopped in and I put this trouble-shooting on hold again. 

I got up Tuesday morning and headed off to work. Surprise. Audio wasn't even working now. My Camry showed that I was connected to the iPhone X for both audio and phone functions, but nothing worked. I had to get to work so I listened to FM radio. I also noticed that when I say, "Hey Siri", it shows up on my car's screen that I am in a private call until I close Siri.

I started doing some online searches and found that I am not alone. A simple search for "iPhone X Bluetooth Issues" brought plenty of results. One of the first results was a thread on the Apple forums complaining about someone's Bose headset not being able connect to the iPhone X. The "I have this question too" button had been hit 493 times. There are many other posts all over the web as well. One of them offered seven solutions to fix these issues, one of them required resetting all your settings. I hope that's not what it will take to get me right.

If you check out this post, the writer has embedded dozens of tweets of users having Bluetooth issues as well. 

The root of most of the complaints seem to be after upgrading to iOS 11.1.2. 

This person seems to have very similar experiences to what I am seeing, except he's using the iPhone 8. This definitely points to being a software issue.

I bought a new iPhone 8 plus with ios 11 already installed. Prior to this, I had a 6s plus and never had bluetooth issues in my 2 vehicles. Now, I need to pair the phone every time I start the car or get in and out.  I too, tried hard rebooting, forgetting the device, etc. with the same result. I hope this issue will be addressed promptly by Apple.

I don't have the solution, but I will update this post when I figure it out, if I figure it out. I suspect that this will require an iOS update. I am just glad to see it's not just me being an iOS noobie. 


Update: When I got into my car to drive home on Tuesday, I started my music player and the music was coming through my phone's speakers again. The funny thing is that the info about the song and the controls was showing on the car's screen. Just for giggles, I hit pause and play and it controlled the music app like it's supposed to. When I hit play, the sound came from my phone still. I did it again and all of a sudden, my car's speakers blasted some Halestorm into my car. Interesting right? I listed on my entire commute. What's even weirder is, I got a text from my son and a phone call on the commute. Both worked the way they were supposed to now. When I got home, I turned my car completely off and then back on. Everything seems to work, for now. Time will tell if this is an ongoing issue. I didn't reset any settings and I didn't receive any updates during the work day, so I have no idea what happened to make things work again.

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