Ranger iPhone X case looks great, but is a bit too small

WaterField Designs’ $89 Ranger iPhone X case is another of the company’s cool takes on the traditional holster. With magnetic closing systems that use Neodymium rare-earth magnets, it attaches securely to clothing, belts, work vests, or straps.  

A Fidlock closure keeps the iPhone safeguarded inside the case. The bottom opening allows users to keep ear buds connected and keeps text and call notifications audible when the gadget is inside the case. Side openings provide access to volume and sleep buttons. A front leather pocket can hold earbuds or cash and a key.

Ranger big.jpeg

The inside front panel is lined with scratch-free Ultrasuede that adds cushioning and helps clean the iPhone X’s screen as you insert and remove it from the case. I really like the holster design of the Ranger. It makes me feel like a cowboy, but, on a more practical level, it allows me to get to my iPhone X to answer a call or snap a photo without reaching inside my pocket. 

My big complaint about the case is that it fits so snugly that inserting my iPhone X with even an ultra-thin bumper case is a very tight squeeze, which means that  inserting and removing an Apple smartphone from the case requires some pushing and tugging, respectively. This is a problem if you need to “quick draw” the iPhone X and snap a pic. The Ranger should be about a quarter-inch wider.

Pre-orders for the Ranger iPhone X Case are available now and units will start shipping Nov. 17. The Ranger case will cost $89 and be available in black or chocolate distressed leather.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★