Belkin releases USB-C Car Charger with fast charging capabilities

Belkin USB-C Car Charger Side-Front Face.jpg

The iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all have a feature that allows them to be charged faster through higher wattage USB-C connections. Today, Belkin released the new US$29.99 USB-C Car Charger to give Apple fans a way to quickly charge up their newer devices with up to 36W of power.

While the USB-C Car Charger works with iOS to enable Fast Charge, it can also be used to charge other devices like the MacBook or MacBook Pro on the go through a straight USB-C connection from the charger. For the iOS devices, Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable is needed to complete the connection between charger and device.

The USB-C Car Charger is available directly from Belkin and, and will be in Apple Stores worldwide soon.