Microsoft Edge browser comes to iOS today

It may come as a shock to those who live and work solely in the Apple ecosystem, but it's a fact that there are more people who use their iOS devices with a Windows 10 PC than with Macs. The maker of Windows, Microsoft, today brought a preview version of its Microsoft Edge browser to iOS.

Screenshot 0186.png

While Mac users have long enjoyed the ability to share documents easily with iOS (and vice-versa) through Handoff, there's no similar feature for Windows users. The idea behind Edge for iOS is to let Windows users who are working on something on iPhone or iPad continue their work on a Windows 10 machine. 

The browser will also be available for Android in the near future. The company expects to add features to Edge as user feedback to the initial release is gathered and analyzed, but at present the app provides websites favorites and reading list sync, with eBook/ePub support and password sync coming soon. The browser can be used to sign into your Microsoft account, there's an InPrivate private browsing tab, AirDrop is enabled, and Bing, Google or Yahoo can be set as the default search engine.

You won't find Microsoft Edge in the App Store at this point. To try it out, go to this page to sign up to test the preview app and you'll be able to download and use it via Apple TestFlight.