Camera+ 10 is released, adds depth editing, "smile to shoot", and more

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Of all of the camera apps on the App Store, probably none has been around longer or been used as much as Camera+ ($2.99). The app, which boasts over 10 million users, has been developed by LateNiteSoft for a while, and the company has now taken over marketing of Camera+ from Taptaptap. Camera+ 10 is a major update that was released today, adding a pile of features to what was already a powerful app.

To begin with, Camera+ now takes advantage of the depth information that's available from dual-lens iPhones like the iPhone 7 and 8. The developer has added support for that depth information to most of the editing tools in "The Lab". A photo taken in Depth Mode -- what LateNiteSoft calls Apple's "Portrait Mode" -- can be edited based on depth. For example, a foreground item can be saturated with color, with the background being desaturated. The result? More emphasis on the foreground item. Another example would be applying exposure compensation to a distant part of the image. The editing tools work with Portrait photos taken by the Apple Camera app as well.

The camera has been redesigned from scratch. With a tap on a + sign next to the shutter button, it's possible to easily toggle a number of features -- grid, level, geotagging, RAW format, stabilization, timer, burst mode, or the new smile detection -- on or off. Tap the "x" next to the shutter button and all of those buttons disappear.



at your fingertips. The buttons at right disappear with a tap

Smile detection is awesome! Tap on the shutter button and Camera+ waits until you or your subject smiles to actually shoot the picture. No more grumpy faces in your photos... The app also now shows the viewfinder exactly as the image will be captured. 

HEIF format has been enabled as well, making those photos you take with Camera+ look just as good or better at about half the file size. Files can be saved in JPEG and RAW formats as well, so there is true flexibility in file formats. 


File Formats

HEIF, RAW, JPEG, TIFF... all supported

One of my favorite features in Camera+ has always been the control over white balance. Depending on where I shoot photos, I may need to compensate for white balance due to lighting, and the app provides complete control over color temperature.

The update to Camera+ 10 is free for current owners and is in the App Store now. If you want more power over your iPhone photography and editing than you can get with the standard Camera and Photos apps, Camera+ can give you full creative control