BuildZoom article outlines costs, details of Apple Park structures


Apple Park, the new headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, California, is an pricey project. The final price tag for the new campus has been estimated at near $5 billion, and now BuildZoom has captured information from building permits that shows the costs of each of the major buildings on the site.

Image via  BuildZoom .

Image via BuildZoom.

As you'd expect, the circular "spaceship" main building is the most expensive part of the facility, weighing in at $427,570,867. The Steve Jobs Theater has been described by most attendees at the September 12 product reveal as a "perfect" building, and the cost of the structure shows why. The 1,000-seat theater, lobby and hands-on area cost $179,437,885 -- the second most costly part of Apple Park.

Employees can enjoy the fitness center, which at $16,731,000 is just a drop in the bucket price-wise. The nearby Glendenning Barn, a historic San Jose structure that was moved to the Apple Park site, was a bargain at only $360,00 for its disassembly and reassembly. 

The North and South Parking structures cost a total of $113,731,332, with the photovoltaic "roof" that produces 8736.78 kW of power from 25,324 panels costing $5,417,272. Another surprising fact was that the visitor center cost $109,670,640 alone, with a 810-space underground parking structure, a visitor reception area, a display area, and a cafe. 

It's a fascinating read, especially if you have an interest in engineering and construction.