The 10 best horror games for the Mac

By Ric Molina

Halloween is tomorrow. While I was looking for killer horror games myself, I realized one thing: the best horror games support macOS.


Which means you won’t have a problem finding something right up your alley. Do you prefer first-person, top-down, story driven or action-packed games? No problem, these 10 games cover most genres and play styles. I picked the games by considering ones that:

  • Are part of the horror genre.
  • Are considered scary because of the story, atmosphere, and/or graphics.
  • Support macOS, without the need of wrappers or virtualization.

And to further help you chose a game just right for you, I considered these questions as well:

  • How expensive are these games?
  • Are these games demanding? Can my Mac play it?

With that in mind by top 10 horror games for the Mac are: Alien: Isolation; Bioshock Remastered, SOMA, Layers of Fear, Metro: Last Night, Outlast, STASIS, Observer, The Walking Dead: The Game, Doom 3, and Slender: The Eight Pages. Read more by clicking here.