Jamf Takes Care of Its Nation

JNUC 2017, the eighth Jamf Nation User Conference, has been an impressive experience. From the organized plans to get here to the excellent hospitality of the Hyatt Regency, JNUC’s venue, this has been the best organized conference I have ever attended.


As a first time JNUC attendee and a total Jamf novice, I was nervous. However, everyone has been helpful and very friendly. JNUC is the largest gathering of Apple IT professionals, of which I am not, but I have felt completely welcomed and, most of all, have learned a lot.

The activities began the evening of our arrival with a mixer where we met educational IT professional and longtime Jamf user, Brian Martin. Martin is passionate about Jamf (he was honored with an award at the opening day keynote) and gave a glowing review of Jamf’s service to their users.

The Customer Experience Bar at Jamf Nation. Photo © 2017, Ruby Edwards

The Customer Experience Bar at Jamf Nation. Photo © 2017, Ruby Edwards

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis proved to be the perfect venue. There seemed to be plenty of room for the growing Jamf Nation. JNUC had outgrown their previous venue and this is the first year for JNUC at the Hyatt. Meeting rooms were easy to find and were clean and well arranged. Jamf, with the assistance of the Hyatt staff, kept everyone comfortable and very well fed. Personally, we only purchased one meal while at Jamf.

Jamf employees were friendly and readily available to answer questions, give directions, and help in any way needed. Presenters were knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to take the time to answer questions from any and all attendees.

Even the chilly fall weather was cooperative, giving us a warm, sunny afternoon for a stroll down the beautiful Loring Greenway behind the Hyatt.

If you are considering attending JNUC in the future I can certainly recommend the experience. If this conference is any indication, Jamf truly takes care of its Nation.