New York City’s transit system to support Apple Pay

New York City’s transit system is replacing the MetroCard with the ability for passengers to pay with mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, reports The New York Times.

Apple Pay.jpg

A committee of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a $573 million contract for a new fare payment system adapted from the one in use for several years on the London Underground and London’s commuter railroads, the article adds. New electronic readers will be installed in 500 subway turnstiles and on 600 buses in New York beginning late next year, and will reach the rest of the city’s subway stations and buses by late 2020.

The MetroCard is the payment method for the New York City Subway and New York City Transit buses. It was lanced in 1992.

Apple Pay is currently available in 15 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and U.S.