Isn’t it about time for more fun with iMessages? Check out apps from this week’s AWT sponsor

Indie developers are the lifeblood of the Apple app ecosystem, and one of our favorite indie companies is It’s About Time Products. The company markets a large variety of iOS, watchOS, and macOS apps that cover the gamut from photography and productivity apps and utilities for Mac to fun iMessage apps. The latter category includes Color Text Bubbles on iMessage (free with in-app purchase), an iMessage app that can turn your texts from boring to WOW and Word Swipe (free with in-app purchase), a fun iMessage word game that you can play with friends. We’re happy to say that It’s About Time Products is our sponsor for the upcoming five weeks, and today our focus in on Color Text Bubbles and Word Swipe!

Color Text Bubbles

Are you bored with those little blue or green text bubbles that you see in Messages? It’s time to kick your texting into high gear with Color Text Bubbles! With the free app, you can choose from some pre-made text bubble stickers in a bright array of colors or create your own. The texts are converted into stickers (both send and receive sides) that can be moved and added to photos to add your sentiments.

But the real fun comes with a simple in-app purchase for just $0.99 for a limited time (down from $4.99). Instead of just a handful of colors, you get a complete rainbow of hues and tints. Change fonts, font size, and text color to make your text bubble stand out, and save an unlimited number of text bubbles as stickers that you can just grab to add them to a text.


Color Text Bubbles is a blast, and you can try it for free. Get the in-app purchase for a buck and you’ll find yourself having more fun than you thought was possible with iMessage!

Word Swipe

Fans of word games are going to love Word Swipe, a game that can be as challenging or as simple as you make it. Start a game and you have two minutes in which to pick as many unique words as you can from a grid of sixteen random letters. The trick is that the letters you pick have to contiguous to each other and selected by swiping your finger over them. You can see how this all works in the GIF below - words that are allowed are green, those that have been entered before are blue (and don't gain points), and those that aren't valid words are red.

Each word pick gets you points, and at the end of two minutes you’ll have a total score. Now the fun begins — share the game with a friend and let them try to beat your score! 


Word Swipe challenges your knowledge of words, and playing against both time and an opponent makes it a game you’ll want to play over and over. As with Color Text Bubbles, Word Swipe is free to try. Pay just $0.99 for an in-app upgrade to the Pro version, and you’ll be able to see what words you and your opponents played and how many points they earned in each round. You’ll also be able to see just how many points a word that you’ve swiped out with your finger will gain you.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll learn about more of the fine apps from It’s About Time Products. The Apple World Today team thanks It’s About Time Products for its continued support of the site.