Would you use a 15-inch iPad Pro?

Microsoft surprised almost everyone when it debuted new Surface devices yesterday (the rumor mill pegged 2018 as the time frame for a new update). The new models are more powerful, and there’s now a 15-inch Surface available.

Giant iPad Pro big.jpg

Which makes me wonder: is there a market for a 15-inch iPad Pro? After all, Apple promotes the tablet as a potential laptop replacement (at least for some folks). And iOS 11 introduced some iPad Pro-targeted features such as true multitasking, a Files app, drag ’n drop, and more. All of these features are designed to enhance productivity.

Some folks find the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too unwieldly for use as a tablet. I don’t. Since I’m using my supersized tablet in lieu of a Mac laptop when I occasionally travel these days, an even bigger model sounds …. intriguing. 

I’d at least consider a 15-inch iPad Pro. Would you?