Twelve South releases upgrade to The Mac Candle

It's good to see that companies like Twelve South are on the ball when it comes to doing product upgrades on a regular basis. Earlier this year the accessory manufacturer surprised us with the Curve Desktop Stand for MacBook, which was a re-design and updating of the 2003 original iCurve. Now an even more important upgrade has hit: Twelve South announced the arrival of The Mac Candle No. 2 (AKA "Inspire", $29.99).


This is an update to last year's Mac Candle No. 1, which was nicknamed the "New Mac Candle" because it smelled like that wonderful odor you get when you open a box and pull out that fresh, new Mac. This year's Inspire should have a much more pleasant aroma, as it uses "strong notes of bergamot, lemon and tarragon" to "clear your mind of clutter and stimulate creativity". 

A portion of all proceeds go to one of my favorite groups, FIRST. You may have seen or even participated in a FIRST Robotics or FIRST Lego League competition, or perhaps you were a volunteer like me. The young competitors at FIRST are both inspiring and inspired, and it's great to see Twelve South supporting such a wonderful organization.

As with many other Twelve South products, we've asked for a review unit and we'll do a full review once the Inspire arrives.