No, wait, there’s few (if any) production delays for the iPhone X

Yesterday DigiTimes claimed that Apple manufacturer Foxconn has begun shipping iPhone X devices out of China, but the first batch “only” totals around 47,000. Foxconn has ramped up its iPhone X output from 100,000 to 400,000 per week, but supply still lags behind demand, the article adds. 

iPhone X.jpg

Now the same publication says that chip vendors "were not aware" of any production delays or shipment cutbacks. The same reports say chip deliveries for the iPhone X have been on schedule. On the whole, chip orders for new iPhone devices will grow through the fourth quarter of 2017, and will begin to slow down in the first quarter of the following year, claims DigiTimes.

Ordering for the next gen Apple smartphone will start on Oct. 27, and they’ll ship Nov. 3. The iPhone X will come in 64GB and 256GB models with pricing starting at $999.