Step into the future of car navigation with HUDWAY Glass

Fighter pilots and now commercial airline pilots are familiar with the concept of head-up displays that let them keep their eyes on what's happening ahead while still receiving important information. Although car navigation systems provide audible prompts, wouldn't it be nice to have a display of directions or other info in your direct field of view while driving? That's the idea behind HUDWAY Glass (US$49.95), a solution that turns your iPhone and compatible apps into a heads-up display for your car.

HUDWAY Glass magnifies the reflected image from your phone by 20%, allowing you to see navigation prompts, speed, or other data "floating" in front of you as you drive. Still unclear on the concept? Here's a short video showing how it works:

With your purchase, you get free promo codes to the HUDWAY navigation app as well as other apps that work with the device. Until head-up displays are standard in future cars, HUDWAY is the best way to see what's happening and still keep your eyes on the road.