Skate City from Snowman and Agens captures the "essence of skateboarding"


The team at game studio Snowman must be ridiculously busy, as they're following up the runaway success of Alto's Adventure with a handful of titles that are all under construction right now. The latest announcement is about a joint project with Oslo, Norway-based Agens, with a game that brings the ethereal beauty of Alto's Adventure to an urban environment and skateboarding -- Skate City. 

The company has an entrancing trailer for the game (see below) and will be sharing clips from the game on Instagram as development progresses. You can follow Skate City as it turns into a reality by checking this Instagram feed

Snowman's Ryan Cash explains in a blog post a bit about the history of the game's genesis and his personal lifelong passion for skateboarding. In 1999, the classic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game appeared, and Cash spent "sleepless nights" playing the game, becoming a more daring skateboarder, and then using his newfound skills to do better in the game.

The studio behind that game, Agens, is working with Snowman on Skate City for iOS and Android. There's no release date yet -- the same can be said for Where Cards Fall, Distant, and Alto's Odyssey -- but you can be sure that fans of Alto's Adventure will be patiently waiting for all of these apps to arrive.