GoPower Plus is a convenient iOS device charger (though there’s that adapter issue for 2016 MP Pro owners)

Kanex’s GoPower Plus is a $49.95 portable power solution with a built-in micro USB with a Lightning adapter for use with both Apple and Android devices. I’ve never used it with an Android device (cause I don’t own one), but it does come in handy for use with my iPhone 7 Plus when I’m visiting my relatives for the weekend.

Juiced with 8,000 mAh of power, the GoPower Plus can deliver two full charges to your smartphone. An extra USB port and 2A of charging lets you power up an additional device while you’re juicing your iPhone. 

The GoPower Plus enables pass-through charging while connected to a power source. Your device charges first, then GoPower Plus recharges itself.

The GoPower Plus — which is Apple MFi Certified, which means it’s specifically made to fit with your Apple devices — features a classy aluminum finish.  An LED indicator displays battery levels and charge status.

The GoPower Plus is smaller than my iPhone 7 Plus, so it fits into a pocket or bag. It also comes with a carry case, which is convenient. It’s available in space gray and gold.

Most of the time I don’t need the Kanex solution. However, when I’m on the go, it’s extremely practical — though not as practical as I’d like since I have a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It has no USB nor micro USB ports, so that means — you guessed it — another adapter. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★