X-Doria Revel case: Eye-catching design for iPhone 7

We see a lot of iPhone cases here at Apple World Today, so it really takes a different case to turn our heads. For example, we recently reviewed several leather cases (see here and here) that are incredibly beautiful and functional. But what about the good old generic polycarbonate iPhone cases? Occasionally one will stick out from the crowd, and that's the situation with the X-Doria Revel case (US$29.95, or use this affiliate link to help support Apple World Today and get the Revel for as little as $17.95).

X-Doria Revel iPhone 7 Case (Owl). Photo ©2017, Steven Sande

X-Doria Revel iPhone 7 Case (Owl). Photo ©2017, Steven Sande

It comes in a variety of eye-catching geometric animal designs that definitely stand out. These include an owl, pug, husky, lion, panda, tiger, polar bear and fox, and all are guaranteed to get comments from your friends or family. There are also four other designs that are more generic, but if you're a fan of animals I'd highly recommend one of the cases from the animal kingdom. 

Of course, the idea behind a case is to not just look good but to protect your iPhone as well. The Revel design uses a hard shell with a soft bumper that protects the back and sides from drops. If your iPhone is dropped face down, the Revel provides a 1.5mm raised bezel that prevents the screen from being broken in most situations.

Sadly for those of us who like "Plus sized" iPhones, the Revel case is not available for iPhone 7 Plus or any other models other than the iPhone 7. That's a pity, since the cases are really quite stunning and a bargain. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★