Resolution: Support Apple World Today through Team AWT

Note: Apple World Today is still in "holiday mode" today, but we'll have occasional updates throughout the day.

As we get into 2017 and will soon celebrate two full years of AWT, we'd like to ask a favor of those of you who read the site each and every day, but don't support Apple World Today through our Team AWT program. The favor? Consider joining Team AWT to provide continuing support of our mission and get some great stuff in return!

To join Team AWT, make a one-year commitment of $60 -- that's just $5 per month. That commitment can be made using Apple Pay, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal by clicking that "Join Team AWT" button in the sidebar or clicking this link. Note that you can also pay month-to-month via Patreon, but that more of your support goes where it is needed by making an annual payment.

Team AWT members have their own Slack chatroom, have access to the Team AWT Patron Podcast, get a newsletter about every 2-3 weeks with exclusive content, and access to occasional giveaways and special deals. 

We appreciate our Team AWT donors, knowing that they're the heart of what keeps Apple World Today going. To our existing members, thank you, and to those who are about to take the plunge, welcome!