Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case for 2016 MacBook Pro: Elegant protection

Have you ever seen an accessory for an Apple product that made you want to go out and buy the Apple tech just so you could get the accessory? That's the way you might feel when you take a look at the Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case for the 2016 MacBook Pro (affiliate link). 

The case, which uses book bindery techniques to create a book-like protective cover for the MacBook Pro, comes in sizes for both the 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro ($99.95) and 13-inch model ($89.95). 

Pad & Quill uses a special residue-free and re-attachable adhesive developed in partnership with 3M to hold the MacBook Pro securely in place. The spine of the "book" is specially designed to create air circulation space at the back of the MacBook Pro to keep the device running cool. Here's a video showing Brian from Pad & Quill explaining the design and features of the Cartella Slim:

There's a Moleskine-like elastic band that keeps the entire case closed when you're on the move. Three finishes are available; cranberry, linen grey and charcoal. 

The Cartella Slim looks great and is definitely a classy way to keep a 2016 MacBook Pro scratch-free...and if anyone would like to buy me a MacBook Pro so that I can review this case, I won't turn 'em down...  :-)