iMessage apps from Dejal Systems; Useful and fun!

One new thing in iOS 10 that gets a lot of use is iMessage apps. Dejal Systems is the developer of Simon and other tools for Mac, and the company has recently made a move into the world of iOS with two new iMessage apps -- Date Stamp ($1.99) and Chicken GIFs ($0.99). 

We'll look at the useful app first -- Date Stamp. You know those wonderful stamps that you often see in offices that are used to mark paperwork as "received", "paid", "approved", and so on? Date Stamp is an app that creates customizable stickers featuring a date and message. For example, I sent a Message to my wife this morning letting her know that I had paid our 4th quarter Federal estimated taxes, and added a nice PAID stamp complete with the date. 

Date Stamp lets you customize the color of the stamp and the date, as well as change date formats and/or the date so you can get the impact you need with your stamp. Once you're done customizing it, you can either tap the sticker to send it as a message or tap and hold it to "peel" it off the list of stickers. With two fingers, the stamp can be resized or even rotated. 

The other app, Chicken GIFs, is a fun labor of love by Dejal founder David Sinclair who just happens to raise chickens in addition to creating great apps. According to David, "I keep chickens, and often post videos of them on my YouTube channel and Facebook, enjoyed by friends and family.  After creating my Date Stamp iMessage app, I had an idea for a sticker pack for Messages, featuring animated GIFs excerpted from those videos. Silly, perhaps... but GIFs of chickens reacting to things in various ways makes fun stickers to include in Messages conversations."

So there you have it -- one useful app and one fun one. Enjoy yourself!