My frustrating attempts to buy an iPhone 7 Plus and second gen Apple Watch

I’m tired, very tired, as I write this at 8:30 a.m. (Central). I was up at 2 a.m. (Central) to order an iPhone 7 Plus and an Apple Watch Nike+. I though the process would be simple since was up and at ‘em so early. I was wrong.

At least half wrong. Ordering the Apple Watch Nike + was pretty simple. The shipping date is slated as late October. I wish it were sooner, but, as a runner, I wanted the edition targeted especially to runners. Besides, if you haven’t yet ordered a non-Nike Apple Watch, it may not arrive any sooner than mine. My daughter-in-law ordered the stainless steel/sports band model, and she was told it would arrive in late October.

But trying to get an iPhone 7 Plus is/was a different matter entirely. I went to Apple’s online store, selected the iPhone 7 Plus/black/256GB/Verizon model with the goal of signing up for the Apple Upgrade Plan.

I was asked to enter my wireless number, billing zip code, and the last four digits of my Social Security Number. I did and was asked for my billing password. I entered it and was told that it didn’t match the one on my account. I tried this repeatedly, all to no avail.

Frustrating, but I was eligible for an upgrade via my Verizon account (though I had planned to leaving that upgrade option available for my wife). My first attempts to place an upgrade order left me staring at the Verizon Store’s equivalent of the “spinning wheel of death.” 

I attempted again after several hours and was able to log on — using the same password that the Apple Store rejected. I placed my order and was told I would receive a confirmation email. That was two hours ago; I’ve yet to receive it. And at the myverizon site, my “shopping cart” is empty. Is it because the order has been placed? Or because it was never processed?!

I had hoped to have a relatively early review of the iPhone 7 Plus. However, at this rate it may not get critiqued until late October.

Of 2017.