Daily Deal: Just $25 for The Creative's Productivity Mac Bundle

Mac creatives know that to keep churning out the work and keep the billable hours up, they need to be organized. The good folks at MacBundler have worked overtime on this latest deal for Apple World Today readers, putting together 9 Mac productivity apps worth $250 and selling it for one-tenth of that price -- $25. The Creative's Productivity Mac Bundle helps any creative professional to minimize distractions and clutter, and make the most of every minute of the work day. What's included? 

  • Store notes, files & pasteboard clips w/ Unclutter
  • Generate JavaScript+Canvas, CSS+HTML or SVG code fast & easily w/ the vector drawing tool, WebCode
  • Sync your Mac data w/ Android, iOS, MTP, Google, Dropbox & iCloud w/ SyncMate
  • Take total control of online media playing w/ Elmedia Pro
  • Add notes to nearly any location on your Mac w/ GhostNote
  • Create high-quality PDF files from Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint w/ PDF Creator
  • Enable over 1,200 hidden features in OS X & other apps w/ MacPilot
  • Secure your data w/ up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption w/ Data Guardian
  • Organize your music library like an industry insider w/ beaTunes
  • Use UnDistracted to minimize desktop distractions & clutter

This is a limited time deal, so be sure to act soon to take advantage of the 90% off pricing on The Creative's Productivity Mac Bundle.