Twitter chat turns up the ultimate iPhone accessory

There's nothing quite like having a conversation on Twitter the morning of Labor Day that shows you a very useful iPhone accessory you've never seen before. It all started when @halsherman retweeted this message and photo from @craftydeano:

"My wife made her own todo list app. #iosdev" -- @craftydeano on Twitter

"My wife made her own todo list app. #iosdev" -- @craftydeano on Twitter

After a side conversation discussing the old IBM Model M keyboard in the background (with @craftydeano and @undermycloud), @khaled piped up with an even better solution: 


They were out of stock at -- where @khaled had found them -- but some quick sleuthing by @craftydeano found the source: The Paperback adhesive notes for iPhone are just $7.95 and come in sizes for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c (and probably SE as well), iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. Each pad has 80 sheets that you can use to take notes on your iPhone and not have to worry about syncing! 

We don't know yet if they'll be making these for the iPhone 7 Plus, but should find out soon enough...