Daily Deal: Last chance on the Lumina Touch Light-Up Cable

Spend a lot of time in your car at night or in poorly lit rooms? Wouldn't be nice to have a Lightning charge cable that could help you find the ports you need to plug into? That's exactly what the Lumina Touch Light-Up Cable is for, lighting up when you touch it and then shutting itself off once you've got a good connection. Today is the last day and the last chance to get a Lumina Touch Light-Up Cable in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for only $9.99 (with free shipping!). 

  • Activate the automated touch light w/ your fingertips
  • Use consistently; strong PVC jacket cord & strain relief won’t tear
  • Sync & charge your phone simultaneously 
  • Use safely w/ Apple products: MFi certified
  • Get the flexibility of 40" in length

The cable also comes in a micro-USB version for those other devices you may need to charge, so be sure to think about getting two!