Typeeto: A free Mac utility for sharing your keyboard with other devices

We nerds end up getting a lot of different devices, and sometimes it gets crazy if you want to use a Mac Bluetooth keyboard with each one of them for a test. With many keyboards, you have to un-pair from the Mac, then pair with the new device. Want to type on your Mac again? Un-pair from the device, then pair with the Mac again. Eltima Software has a great solution in the form of a free utility for Mac called Typeeto that makes it simple to use a Mac keyboard with an iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android device, you name it, and switch between devices in seconds

After a quick installation from the Mac App Store, launch Typeeto and you're ready to start adding devices. Doing this requires a one-time pairing through the Mac's Bluetooth System Preference panel, at which point the device appears in the app. You can change the name of a device if you wish, as well as signify what type of device (iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Apple TV) it is. 

Now here comes the fun part. Let's say you want to type something big into an app on your iPhone, or maybe you're using your iPhone to send a long string of text messages to a friend. Instead of hunting and pecking on the little iPhone keyboard, you open the Messages app on the iPhone, click the Typeeto icon in the menu bar on the Mac, and select the iPhone from the list. In seconds it pairs with the iPhone and you can start typing quickly on the Mac keyboard, with text appearing on the iPhone as if the keyboard was directly attached to it.

Need to switch to another device? Just use the Typeeto menu bar icon to disconnect from the first device, then select the next device. Don't want to use the menu bar icon? It's possible to create keyboard shortcuts so you can switch devices on the fly.

Sure, the "Universal Cut & Paste" of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra makes it simple to copy text on one Apple device and paste it into another, but it's not quite the same as being able to type directly into an app on that other device. Typeeto is fast, easy to use, and best of all, free.