AWT News Update: September 2, 2016

Just a reminder -- due to the US Labor Day weekend, the next AWT News Update episode will appear on Tuesday, September 6. 

  • Some rather bogus looking "iPhone 7 boxes" from Hungary and Russia show that the devices come with wireless AirPods, but we'll just wait and see. Earlier bogus boxes showed them coming with "EarPods with Lightning Connector".
  • Just in time for the "iPhone 7" announcement, we're starting to hear rumors about the "iPhone 8" or "10th Anniversary iPhone". The big feature? An iris scanner for authentication.
  • Apple's Twitter account may have been finally activated after being set up in 2011, just for the purpose of either live-tweeting or live streaming the event next Wednesday.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for September 2, 2016. It’s another slow news day, but we have a few items for you.

The only thing worse than fake iPhone mockups is fake iPhone packaging mockups. Today and yesterday a variety of what are allegedly iPhone 7 packages from Russia and Hungary showed up, and show “details” of what an iPhone 7 is supposed to have in the box. These mockups look pretty darned good, but how hard is it for someone to take an existing iPhone box, make labels that look realistic, and then take fuzzy photos? On the plus side, the leaks both show AirPods Wireless Earphones being included in the box, which means that earlier mockups showing “EarPods with Lightning Connector” were probably equally as bogus. Who knows, perhaps the phones will be sold in two different configurations, one with AirPods included and one with “wired” EarPods. I would personally like to go to sleep tonight, wake up next Wednesday morning, and avoid all the rest of the box mockups and last-minute rumor changes that are sure to be published in the interim.

And as if the iPhone 7 rumors aren’t weird enough, now we’re starting to hear rumors targeting the Tenth Anniversary iPhone that will be announced next year. Chinese-language website MoneyDJ is quoting supply chain sources saying that iris scanning capabilities will show up in 2017, with an iris scanner produced by Taiwan-based Xintec. The company will allegedly start producing modules in the fourth quarter of 2016. The notoriously inaccurate DigiTimes claimed earlier this year that iris scanning would arrive on iPhones in 2018, but Apple could be looking at bringing the authentication technology to its line a year earlier to counter the technological edge that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now has with its iris scanner. That device, by the way, is now under a worldwide recall notice due to exploding batteries.

We reported earlier today that the Apple Twitter account has been updated with a new look, although the company has never sent a tweet from that account. That could all change next week, as rumor has it that Apple will livestream its event on Twitter. If they’re going to do that, we wonder if they’ll also be sending out a Facebook Live stream.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back Tuesday afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.