YouTube find: iPhone 7 laps the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in head-to-head speed test

OK, we've got another video for you. We know that the iPhone 7 can survive a deep dunking in the cold Columbia River better than the Samsung Galaxy S7; in this video, the iPhone 7 goes head-to-head with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test. David Rahimi of PhoneBuff has done similar tests with older iPhones, showing how the iPhone 6s nudged out the Note 7 in terms of real-life speed opening apps and performing similar tasks. 

Spoiler alert: it's not even a contest. The iPhone 7 goes all the way through the test suite twice before the Galaxy Note 7 finished the first "lap". At least the Galaxy Note 7 didn't explode during testing...

I'd love to see a similar test with the iPhone 7 Plus -- with 3GB of RAM -- against the Note 7.