Swatch is still ticked off over the ‘iWatch’ trademark

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has successfully opposed Apple's registration of the trademark "iWatch" in the UK. The UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) upheld Swatch's oppositionSwatch Group AG took action against Apple for registering the "iWatch" as a trademark in 2014, according to the BBC News

The world's biggest watch maker says the moniker — which is was once rumored to be the name of Apple's rumored smart watch — is too darn close to its own iSwatch product. Of course, Apple’s smartwatch turned out to be dubbed the “Apple Watch” instead of the “iWatch.”

Now, however, if Apple wants to use the name "iWatch" in the UK at some point in future, it can now do so only with certain products. According to the BBC News, these include computer software and computer accessories - but not computer hardware, monitors, audio and video devices or cameras.