Pad & Quill's Small Briefcase: Just the perfect size

Pad & Quill Small Briefcase. Image ©2016, Steven Sande

Pad & Quill Small Briefcase. Image ©2016, Steven Sande

When you get really compact computing devices like the 12-inch MacBook or iPad Pros, most laptop bags are way too big. It's like using a moving van to transport a pea! Well, fortunately Pad & Quill saw the trend towards more svelte computers and tablets and developed the new Small Briefcase (US$219.00). Today we'll take a look at this compact and rugged laptop case.


For looks and durability, the Small Briefcase is handmade from leather and waxed canvas. It comes in four different finishes: charcoal gray canvas with whiskey leather, olive green canvas with galloper black leather, charcoal gray canvas with chocolate leather and charcoal gray canvas with galloper black leather. All four look outstanding -- we received a gray/black Small Briefcase and it's gorgeous.

The leather is water resistant, and the 24-ounce waxed canvas is water repellant. The materials are joined together with parachute-grade UV resistant nylon stitching. 

The bag is designed to fit a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or up to a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. There's a pair of padded handles for carrying, and a full leather shoulder strap can be purchased for $39 extra. Inside the case is a divider with pockets for hard drives or chargers, and iPad Pro owners will be thrilled to know that there are two pen loops designed for the Apple Pencil. On the outside is a newspaper or magazine pocket, and the entire unit is closed up with solid nickel hardware. 

Pad & Quill provides its usual 30-day money back promise (no questions asked, they'll take it back if you're not satisfied) and the Small Briefcase has a 25-year warranty. 


If I didn't already have one of Pad & Quill's Large Briefcases, I'd go out of my way to get the new Small Briefcase; it's much easier to carry and a better fit to my portable computing gear. Anyone who likes the feel, smell, and rich touch of leather is going to absolutely fall in love with the Small Briefcase, as it has that high-quality look and feel you associate with top-end products.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro fits perfectly in one side of the divider, and a lot of other goodies can go in the other side. For a "small" briefcase, this certainly can carry a lot.

Two of the touches I really liked with the Small Briefcase were the leather pulls on the large nickel zippers, and the leather flap under the zipper that ensures that water is not going to get through easily. It's easy to see that the Minneapolis-based designers have had a lot of experience with carrying computers in bad weather conditions!


Pad & Quill's products are manufactured with pride (each product is signed by the artisan who made it), and it shows. While you're paying a premium price for the Small Briefcase, this beautiful bag will last you through generations of Apple products and age beautifully. I recommend getting the shoulder strap, which is fully adjustable and can be used over the shoulder or across the chest. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★