It's About Time delivers the goods for iOS 10 Messages with stickers and games

It's About Time has made a jump from creating learning tools to iOS development, starting with a collection of fun sticker packs and games for iOS 10. All of the apps are available in the new Messages App Store, which is accessed from the iOS 10 Messages with a tap on a small "A" app store button. 

Altogether, there are 4 word games that you'll find as well as tons of sticker packs to be used to add fun and emotion to your messages. All of the sticker packs are $0.99 each, or you can buy a "Mega Pack" for $1.99 with over 1,100 stickers. What stickers will you find? Here's the list!

  • Hilarious Pranks -- Fun stickers to place anywhere on your messages to bug your buddies
  • Fruits & Vegetables -- Banananana!
  • Baby Cuties -- Sweet little cartoon babies being adorable
  • 8-Bit -- Get your 80's gaming vibe going with this big collection of 8-bit pixel art stickers (awaiting approval)
  • Breakfast Foods -- Mmmm, bacon!
  • Catsters -- What says "fun with Messages" more than cartoon cats?
  • Christmas -- One of several holiday sticker packs that will liven up this year's Christmas messaging
  • Cute Animals -- Cats don't do it for you? It's About Time has a complete selection of animals to get your point across...with cuteness!
  • Halloween -- Spooky images sure to be popular next month (awaiting approval)
  • Hanukkah -- It's dreidel-riffic!
  • Famous Landmarks -- What better way to tell friends where you've been or are going to than to send a fun landmark sticker?
  • Weathersters! -- A variety of stickers that describe the weather, including the ever-popular twister
  • Sexy Adult Stickers -- With an over 17 rating, this is the one sticker pack not included in the Mega Pack. 
  • Sports -- Every sport you can imagine, and then some. 
  • Beach -- Beach scenes!
  • Bad Apples Good Apples -- This would have been useful for when my iOS 10 update went bad today...

The apps at this time are all word games, although It's About Time head honcho Saied Ghaffari showed me a few more under non-disclosure. These games include:

  • Word Ache (download for free, upgrade to Pro for $0.99): See a pattern in the letters displayed n the screen, and find it faster than the friend you send it to! 
  • Words Hanging (download for free, upgrade to Pro for $0.99): Like hangman, you have a certain number of balloons that you don't want to lose while trying to guess the word.
  • Word Swipe (download for free, upgrade to Pro for $0.99): Fans of Boggle will love Word Swipe, which challenges players to make as many words as they can in a two minute round. 
  • Words for iMessage (download for free, upgrade to Pro for $0.99): It's like Word With Friends, but includes a dictionary to give you instant validation of words you select.

Not all of the apps were available first thing this morning on my older iPhone running iOS 10 beta, but they should be out soon. Let's just say that "It's About Time" to have a lot of fun!