Class action filed for those who had trouble ordering a new smartphone with the iPhone Upgrade Program

Last week both Steve and Yours Truly shared our problems in trying to order an iPhone 7 using Apple’s Upgrade Program. Now Block & Leviton, a Boston-based law firm, says that it has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple on behalf of customers who signed up for the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program last year and have now been shut out of receiving the latest iPhones.

Customers who had signed up for the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, which promised an “easy” way to get a new iPhone “every year,” tried like many others to purchase their iPhones as soon as they went on sale at midnight Pacific time on Sept. 9. However, the lawsuit alleges, iPhone Upgrade Program customers, unlike every other customer, were shut out from reserving the most in-demand phone models and colors.

These customers are unable to “get in line” to reserve their favored devices, according to Block & Leviton. Instead, they are told to simply “check back.” In the meantime, they will continue to be required to make monthly payments on their older iPhones, and their eligibility for future iPhones will be delayed, the lawsuit alleges.

If you belong to the iPhone Upgrade Program and have been affected by these issues, you can contact Block & Leviton to learn more about your legal rights.