Rumor: Apple is developing wireless earbuds with a low-power Bluetooth chip

According to Forbes, Apple has spent the last few years developing a custom Bluetooth radio chip for wireless earbuds, according to a source with knowledge of the project. 

Quoting an unnamed “source with knowledge of the project,” the article says it’s possible the Bluetooth device will launch in September with the “iPhone 7.”  Forbes says that, if Apple succeeds, the wireless earbuds will fix a problem that has plagued Bluetooth headphones: limited battery life. 

The low-power Bluetooth chip comes from technology developed by Passif Semiconductor, a startup Apple purchased in 2013. Passive manufactures switch-based wireless transceivers with low power consumption and a small footprint.

My take on the rumor: it’s true. I expect that, barring any technical problems, wireless earbuds will debut along with the iPhone 7, which will drop the traditional audio jack.