AWT News Update: August 31, 2016

Don't worry - it's just a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Don't worry - it's just a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The last day of August brings just a few stories for the AWT News Update:

  • CBS announces a new "commercial-free" tier for All Access, although viewers will be treated to some ads anyway...
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is temporarily being withheld from specific markets due to exploding battery pack issues. We talk abut those issues and another problem with the flagship phone.
  • Tapbots delivers a public beta of its new Pastebot for Mac

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for August 31, 2016. Here are several of today’s Apple news highlights.

CBS today announced a new pricing tier for the All Access streaming service, this one allowing folks to watch TV shows without commercial interruptions. The existing Limited Commercials plan costs $5.99 per month, but the new Commercial-Free plan will run you $9.99 per month. Commercial-Free subscribers will still see ads when they’re watching streams from local CBS affiliates, and even certain on-demand shows will get ads.

During the recent Rio Olympics, it was almost impossible not to see all of the Samsung ads that ran every night during prime time coverage on NBC. Most were for the new Galaxy Note 7 phone, the flagship smartphone of the Samsung line and probably the most fierce competitor to the iPhone 7 that will be announced next week. Today Samsung announced that it’s delaying rollout of the Galaxy Note 7 in undisclosed markets due to multiple reports of the battery in the device exploding during charging. The company did not say how long the shipment hold will last, only that delays are due to “additional tests being conducted for product quality.” It’s thought that non-Samsung USB Type-C cabling is causing the issue, similar to some iPhone charging problems that have been caused by cheap cables and chargers that don’t carry Apple’s Made For iPhone certification. Other Galaxy Note 7 issues that are making the rounds include comments from reviewers and YouTube video hosts noting that the Gorilla Glass 5 used for the Note 7’s screen appears to be much more susceptible to scratches than other smartphones. Samsung’s had issues before with new phones — the Galaxy S6 Edge had significant production problems and didn’t sell well as a result. The current Galaxy Note 7 issues are likely to have an impact of sales of the flagship Samsung phone, particularly with next week’s announcement of the iPhone 7.

I don’t know what you use for Twitter on the Mac, but I love the Tweetbot Twitter client from Tapbots. The developers today released a new beta app for Mac called Pastebot. It’s described by Tapbots as “a versatile clipboard manager for your Mac that stores what you recently copied so you can quickly retrieve them later. Create custom pasteboards for frequently used clippings. Build powerful filters that you can apply as you paste.” The Tapbots team wants to make Pastebot as bug-free as possible before it ships for real, so if you want to give it a workout, head over to to download the beta for free.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.