Jackery Jewel: Lightning charging cable and battery pack in one

At Apple World Today, we review tons of external battery packs/chargers for iOS devices, and we review a lot of Lightning cables. But until today, I don't think we ever reviewed an accessory that is both a battery pack and a Lightning charging cable. The new Jackery Jewel (US$19.99) charges, syncs and extends battery life, and looks great in the process: 

The Jewel can extend the battery life of an iOS device up to 20 percent, perfect for providing that little extra bit of power you might need to stay in touch until you can find a computer or outlet to plug into. The cable is 39.4 inches (1 meter) in length, and has received Apple's Made For iPhone/iPad (MFi) certification. 

What I find intriguing about the Jackery Jewel is that when you're using it to charge your iPhone or iPad, it's being charged as well. There's no need to grab a separate cable while heading out the door, then wonder if you actually plugged in that external battery pack... A multicolor LED on the battery and charger case provides visual feedback of charging status, and when being used to extend the battery life of an iOS device, it provides a "fuel gauge" indicating how much power is left in the Jewel.

Jackery received an iF Product Design Award for the Jewel by the International Forum Design in 2016, a professional acknowledgement of the unique character of the Jewel and the quality of design and construction. The Jackery Jewel is available on Amazon today.