Analyst: Apple could team up with a partner (BMW?) for its car project

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks we’ll see some results of the “Apple Car” project before the 2021 date mentioned by the Wall Street Journal.

“We believe that Apple could release some of its learnings before 2021 as it continues to develop its own car,” he says. “For example, autonomous driving software could come out earlier via an automotive partner or more advanced CarPlay features. In terms of the market, as we’ve previously written, BMW might be the best comp for what Apple could do with the car in a wildly successful long-term scenario.”

BMW sold 1.9 million vehicles worldwide in 2015. At a $75,000 average selling price, hat would represent a $142.5 billion revenue opportunity. The bottom line is that the car, while it could still be scrapped, “has the potential to be a true needle mover,” says Munster.

The analyst also predicts that Apple will open up the iPhone for third-parties to make authorized headsets by 2018. However, he says “it’s hard to see Apple developing a computer-powered high-end headset in the current market.”