The AirScale is a convenient combination of luggage scale and power bank

It’s a scale. It’s a device charger. It’s both in one. “It” is the AirScale from Oasix, a combination luggage scale and USB power bank that will appeal to road warriors. It can weigh luggage up to 88 pounds and can re-charge an iPhone or iPad.

The $59 AirScale sports an easy-to-read digital display showing luggage weight (in your choice of metric or imperial units) and battery power on your mobile device. The goal is to help you keep track of your baggage’s weight and avoid overweight baggage fees, while never running out of juice for your iOS devices.

Thanks to its 6500mAh battery, it can handle 2.5 recharges for most smartphones. And that’s just what it did with my iPhone 6s Plus. It did a quick recharge, thought not quite the 2.4 x times faster speed that the folks at Oaxis tout.

The AirScale is easy to carry thanks to its detachable strap and ergonomic design. It only weights 0.34 pounds and measures 5 x 1.69 x 0.94 inches. You can buy one at,,, and

The AirScale isn’t for everyone. But if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it simplifies the tasks of keeping tabs on your baggage’s weight and keeping your digital devices recharged.