I'd love to see Ultra-D on an iMac and Thunderbolt Display replacement

Now here's a technology that sounds like a fun addition to an iMac and a replacement for the Thunderbolt Display (and on an Apple-branded HDTV, should the company reconsider plans for such a device): Ultra-D. It's 3D without the glasses.

Stream TV Networks is the company behind the technology. Ultra-D technology allows users to watch content in fully adjustable 4K glasses-free 3D. The breakthrough solution received the Technology Award from the Advanced Imaging Society.

The first Ultra-D products were a 28-inch Ultra-D PC monitor prototype — designed for gaming and medical applications — and a 4K tablet-sized 10-inch Ultra-D panel for glasses-free 3D on the go. Televisions – both big and small – are currently in various stages of development, along with tablets, phones and all-in-one PC’s.

According to the folks at Stream TV, Ultra-D converts all content (even non-3D) in “stunning detail, alleviating complaints of motion sickness, limited viewing angles and the need to be in a ‘sweet spot’ to see images in 3D. It also provides users with the ability to adjust 3D “pop” and depth to their liking. 

Admittedly, I haven't tested Ultra-D yet, so I can't attest to its quality. And Apple may be working on its own solution along those lines. Still, an iMac with glasses-free 3D could be a hot seller.